IOSH Working Safely


IOSH Working Safely


IOSH Working Safely is aimed at all employees and is designed to improve the safety culture within an organisation. It focuses on how individual actions contribute to health and safety in the workplace.

What you will study

  1. Introduction to Working SafelyIOSH Logo
  2. Defining Hazards and Risk
  3. Identifying Common Hazards
  4. Improving Safety Performance
  5. Protecting our Environment

Method of study

e-Learning – 10 hours of study


The assessments comprise a multiple-choice and short-answer online exam and a short project.

E-Learning candidates can complete the assessments via RRC’s Online Learning Centre, as and when they feel ready, provided they are still within their RRC Tuition Period.

Course Fee

RM 668.00

Price includes: course fees, downloadable and printable E-Textbook, unlimited tutoring support from industry experts in the UK, IOSH fees, exam fees, and taxes

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